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"What can I say about Mr Brian Wrigley?

Working with Brian might seem a really easy and straightforward process to a client. It can be simple too, understand your numbers, set your goals, work out a plan......and get your behind kicked if you do not stick to it!! Common sense as he might say........

What underpins all of that simplicity is the massive knowledge and experience Brian has. He brings that to bear with all of his client work, shining a light into dark places and leading the way. I would thoroughly recommend his services."

David Boobyer - Partner Tollers Solicitors

Here's the thing. Business is difficult. Unless you have a Brian! When you have Brian Wrigley on your side, everything changes - for the better!
Attending Brian's Fortnightly Forum every other week not only keeps me focussed on the short and medium-term needs of my business, but makes me think about the long game and how I'm going to get where I want to be, in 12 months time, 5 years and beyond.
The atmosphere at the Club, sharing stuff with other business people from all walks of life, keeps me motivated and informed. I highly recommend this environment to everyone, wherever you are in your business.

Chris Bailey - Owner, Baileys Travel

Sit down with this man for half an hour and you will see just why he has so many happy clients. Brian makes business coaching easy and fun. I first met Brian when I needed to make a massive change in the way I run my fledgeling company and with his support and guidance that's what I now do. He helped me talk through everything from my vision to how to run the practicalities and what strategies I need to put in place. When things were very difficult he was a massive support and we can all now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I look forwards to attending Maximum Profit Growth Club and always leave the room feeling invigorated and energised ready to tackle the next challenge.

Jen Whitehead - Owner, Pure Photographics


I believe that every business owner deserves success for taking the brave decision to be their own boss.

Business can be very simple, but is generally not easy because the day to day takes over. Dream businesses can become a nightmare due to lack of support, and often a perceived lack of time.

In my opinion small businesses prop up the economy of this amazing country. I feel that it is vital that small business owners get the support they need to be succesful.

Coaching can help every business owner, just like it helps sports people. It is almost inconceivable these days for a sports star not to have a coach. Someone who is honest, unbiased and helps the sports person to understand how to be the best.

Why Us?

One size fits all coaching and miracle cures are just not appropriate for the business owner of today.

Yes, underneath every business there is structure and systems which, when implemented, can help every business owner to be successful.

What you need as a business owner is to understand:

  • What is working?
  • What is not working?
  • Where the business is, in regards to your goals?
  • How to bridge the gap and get you there?

You want support relevant to you and your business, don't you?

That's what we deliver - working on one area of focus at a time.

Ready to find out more?

Tell us about your business, your goals and see how we can help.

“Never wish your life was easier,

Wish that you were better.”

― Jim Rohn