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Your Quarterly Planning Day

Friday 27th October 9.30am - 4.30pm

Spend a day focused on your business in the company of other business owners you can relate to.

Looking at:
What is working?
What is not working?
Where do you want to take your business?
What do you need to do to achieve your goals?

Walk away with a practical plan.


The Quarterly Business Planning days really focused my efforts and allowed me to plan in chucks. It’s often difficult when somebody says to plan 5 years ahead, these days plan in manageable chucks. In doing this I grew my business very quickly but easily. I would highly recommend these groups.

Emily Keal - Online Toolbox

Since focusing on my business through Coaching and the Quarterly Business Boost, I have been able to increase my workforce which in turn has assisted with increasing my profits, and all within 6 months. The Quarterly Business Boost allows me to concentrate on planning the next 3 months and I leave with a plan to help continuously move the business forward towards our goals. It is so easy to say but making the time to spend on the business, rather than in the business can have a big impact on getting to where you want to be. You just have to make the commitment to do it!

Sarah Hatch - Forefront Safety

We wouldn’t be here to today if it wasn’t for the Maximum Profit Quarterly Business Planning Day, and regular business coaching with Brian.

I never thought much of planning my business until I met Brian. Since then the businesses have rocketed. And it is all down to simply planning, and following through on those plans. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Dave Williams - OneFourSix Media

The opportunity to work on your business instead of in your business is hard to find when you run your own gig. What the quarterly business boost day does for me, is to allow me to plan what I need to do to move my business forward over the next three months and when I need to do it. I walk away with a solid plan of action and a list of individual tasks to be completed in order to achieve my goals.

The day is a great opportunity to also network with other local businesses and meet like minded entrepreneurs with similar problems to you. I can’t recommend using these days enough!

Tim Brown - Media Identity

The Quarterly Business planning days are my opportunity to take time out of the day to day and focus in the areas of business which need some attention. I always get reminders of things I used to do and should be doing which always add extra £££'s to my business.

I have been attending for over 3 years and will continue to do so.

Mark Palmer - HASAW

Two Highly Experienced Facilitators

Alan Price and Brian Wrigley have been hosting and facilitating the planning days for over three years.

Alan built and sold a highly succesful insolvency practice, he has over 40 years of business experience for you to call on.

Brian has been a coach for over 12 years now helping create life changing results for clients. One of whom was Alan for 10 years.

Alan Price
Brian Wrigley

Guaranteed Value or Your Money Back

If, for some strange reason, you work through the whole day, complete your plan and still feel you have not gained value you can have a full refund. Plus you can keep your workbook and plan.