It’s Up To You!!

The start of this came to mind while I was making Kathryn’s cup of tea this morning. Funny where you get inspiration from isn’t it.


It’s Up To You!

With every new dawn
begins a new day
time to see opportunities
that come your way.
Open your eyes wide
so that you can see
that everyone’s here
for you and me.
Yesterday’s gone it’s history
the lessons we learned
aren’t now a mystery.
We keep them in mind
as a reference point
so that we can move on
with a smile not disjoint.
To live the life you want
is a choice for you.
Don’t let others turn it to poo.
Make your life fun
’cause times gonna fly
leave others with memories
before you die.
The message is clear
it’s all up to you.
Make life a pleasure
For everyone AND you.

Brian Wrigley (4/8/2017, aged 49 and 3/4)



  1. Kathryn Reay - 4th August 2017 at 11:38 am

    Love it! What a great reminder. Thanks Brian

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