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Our goal and drive is helping you to achieve everything you set your mind to. Ann Brebner and Brian Wrigley have the combined expertise to educate and guide you to accomplish the results you are looking for.

The programme is designed to give every franchisee, whether you are a hardened veteran or a brand new start up, the support and tools you need to grow and get so much more.

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Online Business Learning System:

The most comprehensive online business system, which if you follow will teach you the important skills to grow any business. You will learn with the weekly video and text based lessons taking you from a start up to a highly successful business. The weekly sales and marketing videos will enhance you existing knowledge and help you to grow your business, whatever size you are.

Monthly Question and Answer Webinars

Your 90 minute webinar will address the questions you send to Ann and Brian and keep you moving forward in your business. Each month you have the opportunity to share anything on your mind and any road blocks that are holding you back.

Quarterly Planning Days

Every three months you will, with our help, build a Quarterly Plan. This will give you the focus and direction you need to move your business in the direction you need it to go. Whether you are an experienced franchise owner or a new franchise owner the planning day will give you time to sit back and work on the appropriate areas of your business. Face to face will be based in Northampton, and we are working on how to stream each one online with an interactive webinar.

Coaching Actions, Accountability and Measurement Platform

One of the most important thing for any business to do is measure the activities they are doing so that they can understand the results they are getting. You will have an account with our online platform that will track your activities and planned tasks, allow you to input relevant results and journal how your business is going. Working in partnership with you, we will guide you and become your unreasonable friend making sure you do what you know is important and grow your business.

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